Fynbos Biome Project: Thirteenth Annual Research Meeting – 1991

Sessions covered at this meeting:      * Ecological & historical biography    * Ecology: Reproductive ecology of fynbos plants    * Field excursion – management problems at de Hoop Nature Reserve.  Possible solutions    * Human impacts and management: The ecology and biogeography of plant and animal invasions; Preservation of biotic diversity and the management […]

Fynbos Biome Project: Twelfth Annual Research Meeting – 1990

Sessions covered at this meeting:      * Past achievements and future prospects for research in the fynbos    * Nature and environmental conservation: Comparison of fynbos and chaparral    * The Cape honeybee and the fynbos    * Science and technology, CSIR: The fynbos biome as a biosphere reserve    * Poster session    * […]

Fynbos Biome Project: Eleventh Annual Research Meeting – 1989

Sessions covered at this meeting:       * Introduction to theme: Man and fynbos    * Modern approaches: Alien plant distribution in the south Western Cape    * Conservation philosophy    * Poster session    * Conservation philosophy    * Palaeoecology: Environmental change and human activity during the late Quaternary of the Cederberg    * […]

Fynbos Biome Project:  Tenth Annual Research Meeting – 1988

Sessions covered at this meeting:      * Review of 10 years of the Fynbos Biome Project    * Population biology: Survival and extinction on the Agulhas plain    * Poster session    * Fynbos history    * Ecophysiology: phenotypic plasticity in fynbos plants    * Fauna: Small mammals in Swartboskloof – the first year after […]

Fynbos Biome Project:  Ninth Annual Research Meeting – 1987

Sessions covered at this meeting:      * Reproductive biology    * Ecophysiology    * Microbiology: Protozoa in two Swartboskloof soils    * Poster presentations    * Disturbances: The response of mountain fynbos ecosystems to physical disturbance     * Island biogeography and theory    * Biogeography and evolution: fynbos in relation to the Tropical African vegetation […]

Fynbos Biome Project:  Eighth Annual Research Meeting – 1986

Sessions covered at this meeting:        * Disturbance regimes: Fire regimes in the fynbos biome    * Population responses: Plant life histories, population dynamics and species interactions in relation to disturbance    * Implications for community organization and ecosystem functioning: fynbos rodent population dynamics in relation to fire.

Fynbos Biome Project:  Seventh Annual Research Meeting – 1985

Sessions covered at this meeting: * Habitat conservation    * Habitat conservation and invasive biota    * Invasive plants and animals    * Catchment management    * Catchment management and the Cape flower industry    * The Cape flower industry    * Panel discussion and conclusion.

Fynbos Biome Project:  Sixth Annual Research Meeting – 1984

Sessions covered at this meeting:     * Palaeoecology – a report on research in the fynbos area    * Australian heath and Cape fynbos: similarities & differences    * Season of burn in Western Cape fynbos    * Aspects of pollination biology in the fynbos biome    * Soil nitrogen in Coastal Fynbos    * […]

Fynbos Biome Project:  Fifth Annual Research Meeting – 1983

Sessions covered at this meeting:        * History of land use, soils, geomorphology& palaeoecology    * Mapping & classification studies    * Nutrient cycling and energy budgets    *Hydrology & hydrobiology    *Community ecology & fire    *Alien studies    *Conservation working groups    *Fynbos model. 

Fynbos Biome Project: Fourth Annual Research Meeting – 1982

Sessions covered at this meeting:        Phenological studies within and adjacent to the fynbos biome: Phenomorphology.    * Models of Mediterranean-type ecosystems – fynbos biome: Report on simulation modelling programme.     * Poster session and vegetation nomenclature workshop: Briefing session.