Fynbos Forum MOI

20 October 2020

Dear Fynbos Forum Community,

As was shared with you in the recent AGM (11 September 2020), the Fynbos Forum needs to update the organisation’s current constitution to ensure that the Fynbos Forum functions effectively as a public benefit organisation. Legally, we currently have two separate organisations: one a voluntary association with members and an elected committee, and the other an NPO with directors. Both are currently known as the Fynbos Forum.

In order to integrate the separate organisations, we need to undertake the following steps:

  • Establish a new Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) for a Public Benefit Organisation / PBO called the Fynbos Forum
  • Complete the legal registration process & transfer of assets (please refer to the ‘summary of process’, which is available on the Fynbos Forum Website; link provided below)
  • Integrate membership and management through a tiered and interlinked system (tiered membership table with responsibilities, also available on the website)

Note that all documents explaining the current status and transition process are available via the links below: 

Summary of the Process
Memorandum of Incorporation
Candidate Nomination Form 

Membership Form

As members of Fynbos Forum, we would now ask you to indicate any major concerns with the proposed MOI by 30th November 2020. Please submit any comments that you may have on the draft Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) directly via this google form. Alternatively, you may also submit any comment via email to secretariat@fynbosforum.org.za.

We look forward to receiving any feedback that you, as an active member of the Fynbos Forum, may have.

The Fynbos Forum Committee