Fynbos Biome Project: Third Annual Research Meeting – 1981

Sessions covered at this meeting: * Biogeography and palaeoecology    * Mapping and classification studies     * Nutrient cycling studies    * Community ecology studies     * Impact and management studies: Catchment hydrology, fire and alien vegetation     * Poster and display sessions.

Fynbos Biome Project:  First Annual Research Meeting – 1980

Sessions covered at this meeting:       * Biogeography and palaeoecology    * Vegetation: Classification studies and gradient analyses    * Invasives plants (Hakea, Pinus, Nasella) in the fynbos biome    * Vegetation:  Ecophysiological studies    * Animal ecological studies    * Impact of land-use on ecosystem processes    * Vegetation communities and soil forms in the coastal fynbos Pella Research Site  […]

Fynbos Biome Project:  First Annual Research Meeting – 1979

Sessions covered at this meeting:    * Physical environment of the fynbos biome    * Biography and palaeoecology    * Vegetation classification and mapping    * Local phyto sociological studies    * Gradient analysis    * Community analysis    * Animal ecological studies    * Autecological and related studies: Plants    * Impact of fire on […]