Fynbos Biome Project: Sixteenth Annual Research Meeting – 1994

Sessions covered at this meeting:      * The future of nature conservation in the Western Cape    * Research programme on flower harvesting in natural fynbos    * Plant communities of the coastal fynbos south of George, southern Cape    * Ecological data catalogue    * Biological control of the Port Jackson willow    * […]

Fynbos Biome Project: Fifteenth Annual Research Meeting – 1993

Sessions covered at this meeting:     * The philosophical background to monitoring    * An overview of techniques for fynbos vegetation monitoring    * River and wetland monitoring in the fynbos    * Climate change and the monitoring in the fynbos region    * Monitoring of the physical environment    * Review of monitoring interior […]

Fynbos Biome Project: Fourteenth Annual Research Meeting – 1992

Sessions covered at this meeting:      * A background to the global interest in biodiversity and ecosystem function of Mediterranean type ecosystems    * Conceptual issues in biodiversity and ecosystem functioning with examples from South Western Australia    * Function of biodiversity in Mediterranean ecosystems of Australia    * Space and time as determinants […]