Fynbos Biome Project: Twenty Fourth Annual Research Meeting – 2002

Sessions covered at this meeting:       * Cape in action: Opportunities and challenges of being an active partner    * Partnerships: The value of partnerships    * Renosterveld conservation and management    * Ecology & Systematics    * Cape in action, Renosterveld & utilization    * Aquatic ecosystems    * Policy & legislation    […]

Fynbos Biome Project: Twenty Sixth Annual Research Meeting – 2004

* Institutional Partnerships & Development    * Economics    * Education    * Spatial Planning    * Biological Invasives    * Environmental education processes and priorities in the Fynbos Biome    * Biodiversity Guidelines and Land Use Planning    * Restoration & Rehabilitation    * Aquatic Systems    * Stewardship    * Monitoring & Evaluation  […]

Fynbos Biome Project: Twenty Fifth Annual Research Meeting – 2003

* CAPE in Action    * Ecology & Systematics    * Biodiversity & Land-use Planning    * Aquatic Ecosystems    * Expanding Multi–owned Protected Areas: New Approaches    * Towards a research strategy to support CFR conservation    * Alien vegetation/Restoration    * Education    * Groundwater    * Modelling    * Guidelines for Biodiversity […]

Fynbos Biome Project: Twenty Third Annual Research Meeting – 2001

Sessions covered at this meeting:      * Fynbos Parties and Partner    * Celebrating successes    * Conservation planning: An action plan for conservation incentives in SA    * Fynbos Research    * Aquatic systems: The construction of a fish-ladder in the Olifants River, Gouritz River System    * Conservation management    * Poster & […]

Fynbos Biome Project: Twenty Second Annual Research Meeting – 2000

Sessions covered at this meeting:        * Curiosity research: New Century, new era in fynbos research    * Conservation & management: Incentives for private conservation    * Development threats: The tragedy of the fynbos    * CAPE project: A framework for a strategic and systemic conservation plan for the Cape Floral Kingdom    * […]

Fynbos Biome Project: Twenty First Annual Research Meeting – 1999

Sessions covered at this meeting:      * Cape project: Assessing the existing conservation system: gaps and priorities    * Alien clearing:  Recovery of fynbos vegetation after alien clearing and fire    * Conservation priorities in the Cape Flora: Maintenance of biodiversity in the Western Cape    * Conservation in the city.

Fynbos Biome Project: Twentieth Annual Research Meeting – 1998

Sessions covered at this meeting:      * Ecotourism: Can ecotourism save the Cape Floral Kingdom    * Rehabilitation: Advances in fynbos restoration ecology research    * Fynbos ecology & reproductive biology: Fire and fynbos – retrospective    * Alien management & rehabilitation / restoration: Aliens in the fynbos    * Cultivation    * Ecophysiology    […]

Fynbos Biome Project: Nineteenth Annual Research Meeting – 1997

Sessions covered at this meeting:      * Ecology & restoration: Guidelines for fynbos restoration    * Education: What is social ecology?    * Utilisation: The dryflower industry, a fynbos ecotourism programme for the southern Overberg    * Planning: Producing a strategic plan for conservation of biodiversity of the Cape Floral Kingdom.

Fynbos Biome Project: Eighteenth Annual Research Meeting – 1996

Sessions covered at this meeting:     * Fynbos Working for Water Project    * The urban fringe    * Urban conservation: Politics and problems    * Conservation of fynbos legumes    * Fire in the fynbos    * Integrated catchment management: Some lessons from the Working for Water programme    * Competitive interactions amongst fynbos plants    * Socio-economic […]

Fynbos Biome Project: Seventeenth Annual Research Meeting – 1995

Sessions covered at this meeting:      * Practical & social issues:  Communication in the public participation process    * The environment & geography: Micro-climatic observations    * Monitoring & data management:   Monitoring fynbos vegetation with landsat images, the effect of scale    * Resource economics: A survey on the extent of the fynbos industry […]